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Just another morning, except… (Poem by Tamara)

At the twilight of the day
as I was texting him my stream of consciousness,
I looked out the window to see the beautiful ray of sunlight
beaming at me through the now half closed window…
The neighbor’s dogs began barking impatiently,
the birds were chirping by now 
and suppressing all those noises was an even more delightful one….

I looked over to my niece’s angelic face,
A strand of hair covering her eyes
I smiled as she blew it away with each audible exhalation-
the peaceful sight was almost breathtaking…
It was just like any other morning:
I was the only one still awake at 6 am
and the reason behind my sleep deprivation? 
I chuckled to myself as I thought of the answer: Him.

He was at work, texting me despite of the long line of  customers
like every other day, he complained about the spanish speaking customers:
"they don’t understand a word of English," he said
"nor do I ever manage to comprehend them."
Not that he complained much, no..not at all
in fact, his favorite topic of conversation was…
well, what can I say? 
He loved teasing me.
Perhaps it was due to my obvious overreaction. 

Honestly, I could care less about his “cunning” remarks.
I always knew his intention was to get to me first,
and then to make me laugh.
So it never bothered me.
what floated around my mind more often though,
was every nice thing he ever said to me.

He’s not your typical play boy.
Who am I kidding, the guy can’t even flirt fo shit!
But every now and then as he gets carried away with his puns
he’ll casually utter something nice about me
it may not be the greatest compliment I ever got
hell, you may not even consider it a compliment
But boy does it stick to me?
I can be thinking about those phrases for all of eternity,
and they’ll still repeat in my head like melody.

He has this way of getting to people…
Knowing him was merely a coincidence.
For some unknown reason, I bro-zoned him for a short period of time.
We never used to talk much, until one day none of us were able to shut up..
We didn’t share everything with each other
yet we were still so close.
It was almost like seeing a scented candle 
and knowing you’d love the fragrance, just by looking at it.
cheesy, you say?
That’s what I would’ve said too, 
before getting so close to him,
before all this happened;
before HE happened. 

I kept saying to myself:
He’s just a close friend…
A close friend who has a bit too much control over my emotions
A close friend who knows exactly the right things to say,
A close friend who over the past 5 months
has been contantly running through my mind…
A close friend whom I talked about, more than anything

It was something about this morning,
which was just like any other
that made me realize….
This can’t be it!
I can’t have a huge crush on him!
or worse,
I can’t possibly like him as more than a friend!
No! That’s not who I am.
I don’t do girly girl,
I don’t date, 
I don’t flirt.
That’s not me!

It was something about this morning,
which was just like any other
that made me admit to myself….
I like him.. I like him a lot!

And now the bigger question remains…
Do I love him?
With that thought, my stomach dropped.
That one thought had my heart skip 4 beats,
and with that one thought, I wrote…
I wrote my feelings on this beautiful morning
which was just like any other.

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so what else is new

so what else is new

me right thurr

me right thurr

How’s everyone? School has been keeping me way too busy to even log in on tumblr :/ can’t wait to make it up to you guys over summer vacation!

being a cali girl this is the hardest I’ve seen it rain in California… EVER!!

being a cali girl this is the hardest I’ve seen it rain in California… EVER!!

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